Monday, August 22, 2011


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Victim of Secret Dorm Sex Tape Posts Facebook Goodbye, Jumps to his Death

Victim of Secret Dorm Sex Tape Posts Facebook Goodbye, Jumps to his Death
      This article tells the tragic story of Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers University student who committed suicide after his roommate posted videos of him having intercourse with another man. The article mentioned that, following New Jersey laws, the two people involved in the posting of the video could be charged with a fourth degree crime for collecting the video and a third degree crime for distributing it. I believe the culprits should also be charged with manslaughter for indirectly causing Clementi to take his life.
      I think it is absolutely ridiculous that Clementi had to go through this, and what makes it worse is that Clementi's roommate was basically bragging about the dirt he had on Clementi via Twitter. This shows that it was clearly thought out and planned, and that the two culprits apparently had no problem doing it. It's hard to believe that in an age that's supposed to be so tolerant of others and human rights in general, something like this would happen. This proves the point that technology can be both helpful and harmful, depending on how it is used.

Does father's pain trump free speech?

Does father's pain trump free speech ?
      This article was about a marine who was killed in Iraq in 2006. The Westboro Baptist Church protested at the marine's funeral, attributing the deaths of marines in Iraq and Afghanistan to God's punishment for American "immorality" and tolerance towards abortion and homosexuality. The marine's father is suing the church for $5 million.
      This brings up an interesting question: did the church have a right to express their views at the marine's funeral, even though their expression caused more trouble and pain for the marine's father? In my mind, the protesters had a right to say what they believed, but they should not have exercised it.  This reminds me of the Quran burning incident a month or so ago; those who wanted to burn the Quran were exercising their right to express anti-Islamic views. However, the way this was done was offensive to the majority of Americans, and this situation is no different.
      The war in Iraq and the subsequent deaths were not caused by an angry God; they were caused by the Bush administration's meddling where we don't belong , and the church has no right to use the war to push a conservative agenda. Furthermore, even peaceful protest at the sight of a war hero's burial is completely uncalled for and only serves to rub the mourners' faces in the fact that they've lost a loved one.

Parents Petition Over Long Bus Rides

Parents Petition Over Long Bus Rides
      This story was about the school systems in Prague, CT. Parents in the town are petitioning the school board to find a way to make the bus rides shorter, but the school board attributed the delay to a tight budget.
     The fact that parents are arguing with the school district about this of all things is insane. If parents want the buses to run faster, they will have to pay extra taxes, which I'm sure they'd also complain about. In addition, I'm sure the buses aren't the biggest problems in the school; parents would do better to worry about things like who's teaching their children or if the school is well supplied. School Superintendent Dr. Ed Senesac summed it up best when he said "The answer is no, I don't have the money. If it wasn't a bus, it'd be three paraprofessionals, a teacher, or you'd have to think about pay to play [a program that charges students to play sports]."
    The article stated that the board recently cut the number of buses from eight to seven, saving the schools $45,000. If a bus was to be added, parents would have to make up for this deficit in taxes and other fees to the schools. Unfortunately, the school cannot serve better without more funding, and this is money parents likely can't or won't give up.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rick Sanchez is the reason we can't have nice things

CNN fires host Rick Sanchez over controversial remarks
      This article was about Rick Sanchez, a Cuban American journalist who was fired for making several inflammatory remarks on TV. Sanchez verbally attacked Comedy Central host Jon Stewart, calling him a 'bigot' and accusing Jews of being elitists who ran CNN and the media in general. When he was due to appear for his show "Rick's List", he didn't show up.
       Normally, I would defend Sanchez' statement under the rights provided by the First Amendment, but I believe Sanchez was out of line. CNN was right to fire him, because it is remarks like this that can cause problems between people of different faiths and backgrounds. Furthermore, Sanchez has no evidence proving there is some kind of 'conspiracy' inside the media, and his accusations are completely groundless. In my opinion, Sanchez only made the accusations because he wanted to earn his fifteen minutes of fame.
 Next time, Sanchez would be better off expressing his opinions in the form of writings or something that cannot be censored. However, making baseless accusations on live television isn't simply tasteless, it's ignorant.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Titanic Sunk by Steering Mistake, Author Says

Titanic Sunk by Steering Mistake, Author Says
      This article discussed a supposed "cover up" involving the sinking of the Titanic. A writer named Louise Patten, the granddaughter of Titanic second in command Charles Lightoller, claims that the change from sail ships to steam resulted in the creation of two different steering systems. One system called for the wheel to be turned one way, and the other system resulted in steering the complete opposite direction. Upon seeing an iceberg in the distance, the ship's steerman, Robert Hitchins, supposedly panicked and ordered the ship to turn the wrong way.
      Patten claims that the ship could have survived until support arrived by simply not moving. However, by setting the wrong course, the captain had only four minutes to change it and it was too late by the time the mistake was spotted.
      Conveniently enough, Patten released these revelations right around the time her new book about the sinking of the titanic was published. Patten claims that the secrets had been kept hidden in order to protect her grandfather's reputation because he knew of the fatal mistake, but I don't buy it. First of all, Patten's account of the ship's final hours has not been proven and has no real factual evidence to back it up. This is simply good publicity for Patten's book, and the fact that the so-called 'evidence' was just recently released is even more suspicious.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

2 Killed in Afghan Protest over Quran-burning Plan

2 Killed in Afghan Protest over Quran-burning Plan
     This article was about a protest against the plan to burn the Quran on the nine year anniversary of Sepetember 11th. Two people were killed in the protest and four were injured.
     While I respect the courage of the protesters, a demonstration like this should not have been necessary in the first place. President Barack Obama summed it up best when he said that burning the sacred texts of another religion is "...contrary to what this country stands for." Still, this is a difficult case because the burning of the Koran is protected by the First Amendment. As President Obama had warned before this case, burning the Islamic holy book would endanger American troops in Afghanistan and provide more fuel for the extremist fire.In addition, it would give Christians everywhere a bad name.  I am appalled that a church official would even think of doing something of this nature.